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Tall Tales From A Long Bar
Manhattan Bar
Take Away
Dark Side Of The Room


Daryl Green Ghost

Daryl Green went throughout their musical carrier through many incarnations, but the main focus was still appearing. We are talking about energy, taste for a good melody, traditional, but colorful sound and lyrics that have a big connection to the life of everyone who may listen.

Their first effort, Blackrose, has many connections to Pavel and Berniesís previous project, but even though it is very ahead of its time. It maybe sounds more contemporary now, than back in 1996, when it was released. Almost half of the album can be still heard at the live shows of the band, and that proves the quality itself.

Downtown was a big departure from the sound of the first CD. It brought other instruments to make the sound of the band even fuller, and it also brought much wider spectrum of the music. Everything else Daryl Green have ever recorded then, is the combination of these two first recordings.

Dark Side Of The Room is the biggest commercial success to date and also very experimental album. It is very different from the music you may hear in the radio, but very emotional.

Daryl Green spent a long time searching for the right sound and right line-up. As probably almost every band does. The end of this journey, at least when we consider the line up, is represented by the album of the best name for the situation: Together. It is a collection of fine rockers, songs that can be played on every concert. Daryl Green hasnít changed musch since then Ė and it was 2005!

Tall Tales From A Long Bar is the best sounding album to date, great collection of songs that are very different, but still have something in common. And it is the neverending energy, taste for the melody Ö ENJOY IT!